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Joining the circus

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

That phrase has such romantic appeal, doesn’t it? A girl I knew used to live in a huge community warehouse in Oakland. At one of her parties, I got to meet a friend of hers who was going to the SF Circus Center. He was graceful and limber, and gave me an itch for the circus. Geek Love, read years ago, gave me an itch for the circus. So did Nights at the Circus beautifully give me an itch for the circus. Oh, and of course, HBO’s Carnivàle makes me yearn for the circus. Now, apparently, it’s fashionable to be into the circus. Trapeze for fitness is recently trendy. And apparently a good place to pick up on hot men with buff arms. I just want to fly through the air.

P not equal NP

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

This article was on slashdot today. Uninteresting little article about NP problems and how once we build our magic NP box, our current methods of encryption will be rendered useless. I particularly liked this statement: The Internet would be vulnerable to hackers and computer viruses. As though it currently isn’t vulnerable. Once we build a quantum computer or perhaps a cellular computer, it’ll be our magic NP box. No one can say when that’ll be, but I’m certain the day will come. The only interesting tidbit I garnered in that article is that Adleman is at USC.

What I don’t understand is why Garfinkel wrote the article (and spelled Adleman’s name wrong). Is this new information to him? He mentions last month’s Crypto conference, but did they have anything new to say about P vs NP problems? Probably not. And if they did, he doesn’t mention it.

And this makes me think how interesting it is to watch things go from rigorous scientific publications to mass media. How trendy some topics get. For a little while. Then you realize how long lived said topic is and the public loses interest again. Until the next cycle.