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Men of a certain age

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

I’m not a huge fan of TV, but I have a weakness for it. I don’t religiously follow any shows and I don’t watch most of the currently popular TV shows. I like crime dramas like Law & Order and CSI. I like Dexter and the Closer. But there’s a new show coming up on TNT called Men of a Certain Age that looks promising. I love this preview. Because I’m getting to be that age and it’s time I take my dreams back!

Theater and art

Sunday, November 21st, 2004

We went and saw Ben Franklin: Unplugged by Josh Kornbluth. And it was great. I thought at first that I might not enjoy it, but once he got going, I loved it.

On Saturday night, we went and saw a Dance Visions performance. A gal from work was performing (and I love dance) and that was awesome, too. There’s another performance on January 21st and 22nd that we will be attending featuring three of the choreographers from Saturday night’s show, including Natasha Carlitz.

It’s always a fascinating thing to see people out of the context you know them in. We ran into Josh Kornbluth after his show and took a photo — and I saw him briefly, but to see and hear him out of character made him a slightly different person than the one I’d created for him. And finding out Natasha was a dancer and choreographer gave her a depth that she didn’t have before in our limited work related interactions. I think everyone is fascinating in some way.

Dead Hensons

Friday, October 15th, 2004

Oh…lovely night! I’ve been working hard so I haven’t had much time for myself, but I spent the night with my girlfriend and had an awesome time. Saw The Dead Hensons and giddily danced to muppet tunes at the Hemlock at Polk and Post. They were an incredibly fun live band. And we had drinks and talked. And I got a cab ride home with a sci fi fan and we talked about tv shows and now I’m home and sleepy but feeling warm and fuzzy :)

More misc crap…

Thursday, October 7th, 2004

Shaun of the Dead = Funny. They did an excellent job building up anticipation.

I had an excellent day — had a really good lunch with a good friend — he and I are very in sync in the way we think about things. I love talking to him because of that — because he gets everything. He made a comment that’s been stuck with me all day — that I’m coming full circle. It’s funny and sort of true. I’m jazzed about work again and got to work on something fun for me all day. I found my motivation again — real motivation. It’s different than the motivation that I started the job with, but it’s working.

New search engine. It’s got a lot of stuff on the page. I’m not a big fan of that. How often are you going to need to sort search results by domain? Why so many different types of ratings? I do like the related keywords though. That’s pretty cool.

Ghost in the Shell creators

Saturday, October 2nd, 2004

Interesting article on Ghost in the Shell and the two men responsible for its creation.

Joining the circus

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

That phrase has such romantic appeal, doesn’t it? A girl I knew used to live in a huge community warehouse in Oakland. At one of her parties, I got to meet a friend of hers who was going to the SF Circus Center. He was graceful and limber, and gave me an itch for the circus. Geek Love, read years ago, gave me an itch for the circus. So did Nights at the Circus beautifully give me an itch for the circus. Oh, and of course, HBO’s Carnivàle makes me yearn for the circus. Now, apparently, it’s fashionable to be into the circus. Trapeze for fitness is recently trendy. And apparently a good place to pick up on hot men with buff arms. I just want to fly through the air.

Stunt Monkey show

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

I went and saw a punk show on Sunday night — part of the KSCU’s Stop, Drop and Rock at the Gaslighter in Campbell — cute little venue. I love shows in old theaters. Stunt Monkey were awesome. It was a little weird though — the two bands that played before Stunt Monkey didn’t excite a lively crowd — there were piles of people standing in front of the stage — many of them young girls in short skirts. I don’t remember there being so many cutely dressed girls at the punk shows I used to go to. But they’d just stand there in front of the stage. Not moving. It looked really weird. I don’t know how you can stand so close to the music and not move. I’m not graceful, and I can’t dance, but music — no matter what kind — gets under my skin, makes me tap my feet, bob my head, wiggle my hips.

But when Stunt Monkey came on — most of those cute little girls were gone, and the mosh pit opened up for a second to let a handful of people tear across the floor a couple of times, then throughout the rest of the show, these goofy ass motherfuckers took turns in the middle of the floor to dance with each other. Old eighties moves, poorly done, but I think almost purposefully so — the running man, the sprinkler, some bad break dancing. All of it entertaining to no end. Other peoples’ energy is so infectious.

Weekend’s end

Monday, July 26th, 2004

Long weekend over; looking forward to work. I saw a girlfriend of mine I haven’t seen in months. She got into a new relationship about a year ago and I’ve only seen her a few times since then. And I’ve started a couple of new jobs in that time frame and I always tend to get really sucked into a new job for some months so I haven’t really been available either. But it was so nice to see her and catch up — I feel like she always understands where I am in life. And I like that — that not having to explain everything. And I like to know there are other people who go through and think about the same shit I do.

It’s been a strange month for people around me. Losing loved ones, losing freedoms, losing jobs, momentarily losing their sense of reason. And it’s funny how you tend to want to group things like this together because somehow it will make more sense if we try to attribute some greater force to a set of random, mischievous events. There is not bad karma clogging up the air, there is no grand scheme of punishment, no bad juju. I am not the central point of outwardly radiating bad luck or misfortune. Things just happens. Nothing to do with me or anything else.

The weekend has been a whirlwind of movies, movies, movies. Gangs of New York — really sucky and really long. Half way through the movie, they threw in a brothel orgy scene to try to keep your attention for the second half. Seemed to work for us. Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy both excellent movies. The Fast and the Furious. Could watch that over and over again. Must rent 2 Fast 2 Furious. Starsky and Hutch — funny as hell. Ed says I’m really a 12 year old boy.

Saturday night jazz at Pearl’s

Sunday, June 27th, 2004

I don’t get out much, but I had the best time last night. We all got dolled up and went to North Beach (the three of us girls and Ed). We had dinner at Figaro’s. The food was mediocre, and the wait staff a little clumsy, but our waitress was a hot, blonde woman from the Czech Republic with the just the slightest (adorable) little accent.

But jazz at Pearl’s was awesome. I’m not a huge jazz fan, but I love music. And Clairdee, the vocalist, was a great live performer. I couldn’t take my eyes off her (she’s got incredibly beautiful eyes, too), but when she’d stop singing, I was mesmerized by the saxophonist (whose name I can’t remember or I’d share it with you).

North Beach is a happening little place. It’s funny because every time I’m there I think the same thing. We got there late — about 11pm, and got out of Pearl’s at 1:30AM and the place was still crawling with crowds and crowds of people. There’s always such an energy when there’re that many people in one place — not always a good energy in localized pockets — there was a fight across the street in front of Vesuvio when we got out of Pearl’s — but it’s almost like static electricity — the crowds, the heightened emotional charge, the constant feedback. There’s a high I get from being in crowds like that — everyone out doing the same thing, having fun, hanging out, enjoying themselves and each other. And me there with them, doing the same thing.

Oh how I love the TV

Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

Reno 911 is the funniest fucking TV show on the air right now. I think they’re entering their second season — new season starts on Wednesday at 10:30PST. The cast is so hilarious. Each and every single one of them makes me laugh my ass off. And I love white trash humor.

And black humor, too. I caught a bit of the Dave Chappelle show last week and heard the funniest expression that I’ll never be able to use: mad niggerish. Charlie Murphy walking into Studio 54 and seeing Rick James acting all mad niggerish slapping bitches and shit.

We went TV shopping this past weekend, and I’m thinking about spending over a thousand dollars on a TV set. I don’t get to watch it a lot, but when I do, I love television — commercials and all. And I want quality TV (and a TV I can actually see from the couch) — a 30″ high definition flat screen TV. Though hopefully I’ll come to my senses and make a more reasonable first TV purchase.

It’s funny how long I went without a TV and that I didn’t really miss it — especially given how much I love it. I only wish we had HBO.

Today’s events

Thursday, March 4th, 2004

SFGate has an article about how the SF Public library wants to put RFIDs in all its books (complete with quote and picture of Lee Tien :). There’s an RFID forum tonight at the library from 6-8 that I’ll probably attend (though the last time I said I’d be somewhere — Tuesday’s SFOBUG — I didn’t end up going).

Also — the Asian film festival starts tonight! You can finally see the Hero (Flash site) on the big screen!! It’s the opening film tonight. It’s an amazingly beautiful and tuoching film. There’s also a wonderful Korean film I think I’m going to recommend my mother see about a woman who doesn’t let her husband suck the life out of her.

Aeon Flux in the flesh

Friday, February 27th, 2004

There’s been interesting news lately, but I haven’t had much time to blog…however, this I could not pass up. Aeon Flux, that amazing, short-lived, animated series on MTV by Peter Chung, is going to be adapted into a live action, feature length film starring Charlize Theron.

“…[T]he project would find Theron playing a futuristic assassin known for her extreme style, cool attitude and tight clothes.”

I only hope Theron can do her justice…but oh man, just imagine the merchandising! Little Aeon Fluxes loitering on all the shelves…