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Yoga is sexy

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

What is it about yoga instructors that make you think of sex? I’ve been doing yoga at home but decided to take a class at my gym today and I wasn’t even remotely attracted to the instructor and yet I found myself…yes, thinking of sex.

I think the meditative aspect of yoga combined with the focus on breathing and the purposeful arrangement of the body really pulls you away from your mental state and into a keen awareness of your physical state. With a clear head free of intruding thoughts and a heightened sensual awareness, it seems reasonable that one could easily make the leap to thoughts of sex. And I’m not the only one…

From the upcoming Couples Retreat which looks hilarious, is a bit of the trailer (note that I start the clip at 2:05 — the relevant bit — so you’ll have to start it from the beginning if you’re interested in the whole trailer).

From Sex and the City. Samantha has given up sex because her hot yoga instructor has, but it doesn’t last long. Don’t ask me why I couldn’t find this clip in English — I just couldn’t. It doesn’t matter; just read her lips.

Fruit sex

Sunday, September 12th, 2004

This is so funny…Catholics upset about fruit sex labels.

Haribo macht kinder froh
und Erwachsne ebenso

I can even sing that little jingle if you ask nicely.

Evolutionary role of religion

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

Interesting article by Dawkins. I read the article because I thought it would attempt to answer that question — what the purpose of religion was. What evolutionary advantage does belief in a religion give us? But it doesn’t really answer that question. A friend of mine pointed out that it doesn’t answer the question of the title so much as makes you think about the way we ask ourselves these questions. I like how Dawkins uses computer viruses as an analogy for religion.

On another religious note: _Cheap Complex Devices_. I’ve been meaning to write about this book because I found it so fascinating. You probably don’t want to read any more if you intend to read the book because I don’t want to spoil it for you. But I was really excited about the book when I got it and read the cover. I even read the forward and part of the intro before I read the story (I always do that afterwards so I don’t know too much going in). The meta story about the story is great in and of itself. But it’s not what the forward makes you believe it is — you get that much before you finish the story, but apart from the disappointment in that, it was still a fabulous read. An interesting and complex intermingling of sexual thoughts, religious thoughts, and computer thoughts — specifically, system level functioning.

What is it about the these basest of things that seem to inextricably combined? Sex and religion have been intertwined for as long as humans have been around. Sex has an obvious evolutionary role, and so does religion or it wouldn’t still exist. Is technology the next evolutionary step? As base and as fundamental as sex and god? Or is the mix more cultural — that these things are so pervasive now and so personal that writing about one leads to writing about the other? I think it’s both. I’ve been meaning to research this topic more…will write more when I do.

Traveling through Vegas and back

Wednesday, July 7th, 2004

I spent the long weekend in Willow Valley, AZ (just past Laughlin/Bullhead City, near the Colorado River) with my son and his family. I couldn’t find a direct flight out there so I flew into Las Vegas and drove through to Laughlin (which takes less than 2 hours). I haven’t done any traveling in a long time and when you don’t do something for a while, you forget how much you love it. I arrived in Vegas in the evening just after 7, and it took 2 hours to get a rental car and find my way to the highway, but once I got on that highway it felt so damn good. The moon was full (thank god, cause it was would’ve been dark as hell without it), and I didn’t really know how to get to where I was going when I first got on the road, but I worked that all out. Being on a highway I’d never been on before, driving through the occasional small patch of lit up town — I felt like a little girl — so excited, so adventurous. And I remembered again how much I enjoy seeing new places for the first time on my own. Traveling with friends and loved ones is fun, too, but there’s something slightly more raw about going by myself — I process things differently without someone else around to influence my mood or my perceptions.

And I had so much fun hanging out with the family. That part of my family is something of an anomaly in my life. Everyone they know seems to think it’s weird that I’m such a part of their lives (ex old lady hanging out with the new wife). And from an outsider’s view, I don’t quite fit in (just look at the photos :), but I have so much fun with them — I don’t get to do it very often so every time I do it’s like realizing for the first time (again) how much I enjoy being with them. We had a giant brawl on Saturday night, but by Sunday afternoon were sitting on the beach again, by the river, enjoying ourselves (almost) as though nothing happened. And I love that we can do that — talk through the worst shit and still be friends. And that my son gets to see that — not that I want him to see that — but I like that he sees that we work through our crap together because of him. Because if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be a part of my life in any way.

Josh is getting so mature. We had our little sex talk. And we talked about drugs and alcohol and smoking (I’ve been hearing so many commercials lately about how kids whose parents talk about it are less likely to do it :). He told me about a friend of his who’s fucked up beyond anything I can even imagine — at 11 years old his father kicked him out of the house one night and he slept in the driveway of a dairy by Josh’s house cause he couldn’t wake anyone up at 2 in the morning. How can you do that to an 11 year old child? It breaks my heart.

But besides all that seriousness, we had fun in the water, chasing uncle Casey around on the Seadoo, playing games in the sand, throwing rocks. It was hotter than anything I’ve experienced for a while, but even that was novel and enjoyable.

And on the way back — I couldn’t drive through Vegas without at least stopping once and playing roulette so I spent 20 bucks in New York New York after having a nice breakfast on Monday morning. There’s something about Vegas, too, that’s so exciting — leaving there on Friday night, the lights got to me. It’s not so impressive during the day, but the hotels are so big, there’re so many people wandering around — you can’t help but be drawn in a little. It took me over 12 hours to finally get back to my house from the time I started out in the morning. That breakfast and the really sweet old dealer at the roulette table flirting with me, was the best thing that happened all day.


Saturday, February 21st, 2004

Thirty-year-old SF teacher caught undressed with 14-year-old boy. I saw this and all I could think was, Why? I’m 30. I can’t imagine making out in a car with a 14-year-old boy. That’s just three years older than my son. Even without my son as a reference point, it’s unfathomable for me.

But stories heard from that distance stir up immediate disdain, prejudice, moral outrage. Personal stories…they have the power to morph that outrage into pity, disdain into sadness . A case of Lolita. Except here Lolita is a young boy, and our Humbert Humbert is a female schoolteacher. Everyone knows Lolita’s story, whether they’ve read Nabokov’s novel or not. The first time I read Lolita I was deeply moved – his obsession with young girls made perfect sense. It is not to excuse or justify what he did, only to admit that I could appreciate the emotional chokehold a brief childhood encounter had on the rest of his life. And who knows what this was for Ms. Arreola, but you can’t help but immediately hear the echo of Lolita.

Penis size vs. amygdala size

Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

Scientists have discovered that it’s not penis size, but amygdala size that’s important in sex drive. Of course, whenever they discover anything that has the potential for increased sex drive, people are excited about the possibilities of allieving sexual dysfunction. I was listening to something the other day on NPR (or was it Live 105?) about premature ejaculation, but they never used the term “premature ejaculation”. It must now be politically incorrect to use that term. They called it “ejaculate dysfunction”.

Brain research always fascinates me. I think part of it is the almost accidental nature of it becuase scientists can’t purposely inflict brain damage on research subjects. And of course, animals don’t give the perceptual feedback that human beings do, so research is conducted on patients who’ve had accidents and need to have either parts of their brain removed or severed or have suffered irreparable damage. The research that led to the amygdala size discovery was done via interviews and questionaires with a group of patients who suffered from severe epilepsy and had to have a portion of their brains removed. Those with a larger portion of their amygdalas intact had a higher sex drive. Now, what I want to know is if they knew the amygdala was involved in emotional response, why wouldn’t they have already known it contributed to sex drive?

On a lighter note: A robot that can bow is very important in Japanese society“. Lucy Liu, belly dancing, and robots. Like a little slice of heaven!