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My and my monkey

Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

Oh my god…this is such a funny song. I’m not sure yet if I like Robbie Williams because I’ve only heard a little bit of him. Apparently he’s a megastar everywhere but in the U.S. This song (lyrics) was perfect for our Vegas trip:

In walked this big, bad-ass baboon into my bedroom
with 3 monkey whores
“Hi, my name is Sunshine. These are my girls.
Lace my palm with silver baby oh yeah
and they’ll rock your world”

(Though none of us ordered any monkey whores.)

Burn your own Green Day CDs

Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

Now this is clever: blank CDs with Green Day album covers. So you can burn Green Day CDs on appropriately labeled CDs. 7.99 for 4. This is something I would totally buy into. I’ve got a huge stack of CDs with no labels except what I’ve penned in — I burn everything I purchase on iTunes. And I miss the artwork of buying CDs in person (and the cases). I like that they’re doing something especially for file-sharing fans. And they get to make a little extra money to boot.

Stunt Monkey show

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

I went and saw a punk show on Sunday night — part of the KSCU’s Stop, Drop and Rock at the Gaslighter in Campbell — cute little venue. I love shows in old theaters. Stunt Monkey were awesome. It was a little weird though — the two bands that played before Stunt Monkey didn’t excite a lively crowd — there were piles of people standing in front of the stage — many of them young girls in short skirts. I don’t remember there being so many cutely dressed girls at the punk shows I used to go to. But they’d just stand there in front of the stage. Not moving. It looked really weird. I don’t know how you can stand so close to the music and not move. I’m not graceful, and I can’t dance, but music — no matter what kind — gets under my skin, makes me tap my feet, bob my head, wiggle my hips.

But when Stunt Monkey came on — most of those cute little girls were gone, and the mosh pit opened up for a second to let a handful of people tear across the floor a couple of times, then throughout the rest of the show, these goofy ass motherfuckers took turns in the middle of the floor to dance with each other. Old eighties moves, poorly done, but I think almost purposefully so — the running man, the sprinkler, some bad break dancing. All of it entertaining to no end. Other peoples’ energy is so infectious.

Score one for P2P

Friday, August 20th, 2004

EFF scores a win for P2P. The Ninth Circuit declares that distributors of peer-to-peer software can’t be held liable for what their users do. Don’t forget to read Fred’s comments on the ruling.