Less stuff; more love

The end of procrastination

Lofty goal but I’m determined to make procrastination less of a stone around my neck. I’m the type of person that ends up paying hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in DMV fines for late fees because I don’t open my mail or I misplace it, then put it off and put it off because I hate doing it so much. Except that in the long run, it costs me more time and definitely more money.

The other thing I’m notoriously bad at is giving things up. It doesn’t help that my mother passed away and left me and my sister with all this stuff I haven’t yet had the heart to figure out what to do with. But after almost 8 years, I think it’s safe to say that I don’t need it and I can get rid of it.

So I’m going to make this year one of less as in less wasted time and money, less attachment to things and clutter, and fewer unfulfilled promises to myself.

Start simple: less hair

The first thing I’ve accomplished on my list is: cut my hair. I’ve been thinking about and wanting to cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love for a very, very long time. My hair is long and thick. I don’t consider myself a terribly vain person, but it was the one thing I felt vain about, the one thing that always made me feel feminine and attractive even when I wasn’t really feeling it otherwise. It was my security blanket and super power: a girly cape of glorious hair!

Of course, it was also really long so it was a chore to take care of, and constantly in the way — uncomfortably touching me, or getting stuck in the car door or trapped under me or behind me. I dreaded washing it; I almost always had it up. But I couldn’t part with it. Until last Thursday that is when I decided it was finally time to give up my attachment to my long hair.

I really like the short hair. I felt awkward and insecure the first night, but the next morning I woke up with it sticking straight up, and I thought yes, this look I can get behind.

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