Mother, son conversations

The other day I asked my son, “Do you know two girls, one cup?” and he gets this horrified look of disgust on his face that I’ve never seen before and says, “yeah.” I thought the look was indicative of his distaste for the trailer, but it turns out he was mortified at the thought of having to explain a video like that to his mother. But the boy is a trooper because he dives right in and says, “it’s this video with these two girls and there’s shit and vomit…” and I tell him, “oh no, no — I know the video” because the thought of him continuing to tell me the premise of the trailer was starting to make me feel mortified.

All I wanted to do was tell him this sexual harassment story I’d heard recently that was related to it and wanted to know if he knew the reference. Someone in a work place was fired or reprimanded for saying something along the lines of “cup,” but someone overheard and knew it was a reference to 2 girls, 1 cup and complained to HR. It seemed ridiculous to me that anyone could file a complaint on such tenuous grounds: a word uttered; an assumption made.

But I do appreciate that he and I can openly talk to each other about things. Even when they are completely uncomfortable.

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  1. Omni says:

    Y’all should totally watch it together and have a discussion afterwards, like a book club.

    And video tape it to upload it to YouTube so we can all share in the uncomfortable chat.

  2. kat says:

    Hahaha!! That’s genius. I tried watching it again the other night and I’ve seen it before but this time I couldn’t finish it. It made me gag. Just wait til your son grows up ;)

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