Family is the heart of everything

Maybe it’s my biological clock, or maybe it’s just becoming more mature and less selfish, or maybe it’s just being physically closer to my family that makes me so sentimental about the ties, blood or not, that make up a family. One of the girls I call a niece even though she’s not technically or legally my niece had her bridal shower today and it made me look at the kids in our family and think of how mature they’ve all gotten. Why is it that we remember children, no matter their real age, as children? I remember Klarisa as a little two year old girl because that’s when I first met her. She made my heart melt. I remember my son as a tiny little bean, but he’s a gorgeous, full grown man now. I remember his sister as a baby, less than two years old because that’s when I first met her. Bald, quiet, but sweet. Now she’s got an amazing and thick head of hair, and the maturity and attitude of a 30 year old in her 21 year old body. Family bonds can tie and restrain us, but goddamn, they set our hearts on fire that melt us irreparably. Once touched, never the same. Love for family is both sweet and bitter, but you couldn’t go on living without it.

me, dad, jess, and josh
Josh, Dad, Me & Jess

Mothers: Tina, Me, Lisa
Mothers: Tina, Me, Lisa

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