Hello from Japan

I’ve already lost track of the days but here we are in Kyoto! And we have wifi at the hostel. For a super techie country, it’s been hard to find wifi that works for us. I thought I could easily buy a prepaid 3G card for the shiny new ipad I bought especially for this trip. The ipad i thought would be so great because: don’t have to take it out at airport security, can buy 3G data plans by the month, can type pretty well when it’s rotated to the side so I can blog, dump photos onto it, can read books on it, and it’s lighter and smaller than a laptop for everyday carrying around.

Well it is lighter than a laptop. And I can play games on it and read. But airport security not only randomly patted me down, but also made me take my iPad out and ran my carry on bag back through the scanner. And that was after the security line we were originally in got shut down for some unknkown reason and we had to walk to another gate to go through security and I was starting to get scared we’d be late for our flight because everything at LAX took a bazillion times longer than i thought it would.

Then there was the problem of getting an affordable pre-paid 3G card in Japan. I’d read that it was possible in Japan but should have done more research to be sure because it’s sort of expensive and I’m not sure I need it that much. And Apple hasn’t come out with their USB adapter for the iPad yet so no dumping photos from my memory cards, and of course, no blogging unless there’s wifi somewhere that I can use and this hostels the first place I’ve been able to.

But no complaints! Because it’s actually kind of nice to be disconnected. I don’t waste my time blogging :) Let’s see…the Harajuku girls, the maid cafe, the cute rockabilly girl (and boys) in Yoyogi park, the onsens, the manga museum, the cute hidden alleys full of lovely things, Japanese food, and walking everyday and seeing something new and different…and that’s just the start of our visit! Yeah, really can’t complain.


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