Clowns are always scary

Especially little doll clowns. Think Chucky. Now he’s not a clown, but he’s only a little bit of makeup away from it. Why on earth do clowns scare us? And given that they’re scary, why on earth are they children’s entertainment?! Clowns only make sense on Dia de Los Muertos when dressed and painted up as they are, they can confuse the wandering dead to save humankind. Otherwise, they are freaky — just imagine someone walking around in a Halloween costume all year long. That’s what clowns are. Big freaking scary monsters with too much red on. Red is the color of hate and evil and blood. That’s what clowns are covered in from head to toe. Red. Blood. *Shiver*.

I am easily amused. I’ve been threatening to get rid of cable TV for like a year now. You know what I’m going to miss the most? The commercials. Not all of them, just the good ones. Like this one.


2 Responses to “Clowns are always scary”

  1. joan says:

    I LOVE this commercial!! I absolutely agree with you about watching TV ads! My husband laughs at me because I’m constantly “shushing” him when my favorites come on. My latest favorites include the one above, the “shankapotomus” baby, and the Traveler’s Insurance dog who worries about his bone!

    I’m new to the “blogosphere” and have just happened upon your site. I think your writing is really fun and insightful, I’ve really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for posting!

  2. kat says:

    Thanks, Joan! I haven’t seen the shankapotomus baby ad — I’ll have to go find it. I met a girl once that loved that Traveler’s Insurance commercial — it made her cry for worrying over the dog :) Thanks for stopping by; I’ll have to check out your new blog.

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