Where my gifts, Santa? I’ve been good.

I saw this commercial today and loved the song and tried to find it online, but it turns out it’s not a real rap song (though it should be!) Comedian Maria Bamford did a series of Target ads for their 2-day sale. I don’t know who she is, but she’s on my radar now. The commercial is awesome.

Where my gifts, Santa? I’ve been good. Better bring me sport equipment like you should! Where you at Santa? I ain’t playin’. I’ve got a nice crib to park your sleigh on. Where those elves, where your wife? You bring me the fancy electric knife. You don’t know me Santa. I’ve been good. I’ve got plenty of milk and cookies in my hood. Fa la la LA LA. Ho ho ho. Fa la la LA LA. Ho ho ho.

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  1. Zombie Tom says:

    Hey gurrrll your blog came up when I was trying to search that song lol. I just wanted to tell you; you know who Maria Bamford is. She did that Comedians of Comedy tour with Patton Oswald. She’s guest appeared in some stuff and was on one of the Last Comic Standing seasons. I’m sure you’ll recognize her if you haven’t googled her already. If you really haven’t seen her look for her stand ups and give props accordingly. Hit me up if you ever visit Colorado Springs cuz you are fiiiiiiine.

  2. kat says:

    Haha!! Thanks :) I did google her and she’s hilarious (and adorable, though her Target ads last year were not that impressive) — have you ever seen her live? I bet she’s awesome live.

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