Writing on the interwebs

I love this current trend towards a grass roots type artistic movement — self publishing, self producing, self promoting. A friend of mine published her own book on lulu.com (which contains dark and fantastic stories — she has an amazing and diabolical imagination). I was amazed at the speed at which she wrote her book and continue to be fascinated with what she is doing to promote her book (you can follow her on twitter if you’re interested in what she’s doing too).

Just recently, Neil Strauss had a “search for writers” for his and Anthony Bozza’s new publishing group, Igniter Group. I loved this because it gave the average Joe/Jane Schmoe the very real opportunity to possibly write a book with an established author. It was a specific book and the challenge was to listen to an interview and write a compelling chapter based on that interview. I submitted, but wasn’t a finalist, but the mere fact that it was a possibility is awesome.

The internet has allowed this. Much as it has allowed self publishing of film and music and writing of all forms. It gives every person a means to self promote and have a global audience. This isn’t a novel concept — in fact, it’s a well established concept by now, but I think because lately I’ve noticed trends that touch so closely on what I really care about (writing), it’s reminded me what a wonderful place the internet can be.

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