The Moth

I don’t know if this should get catergorized in “writing”, but there’s no place else to put it and it is inspiring for me so it seems appropriate.

And old friend of mine turned me onto the The Moth Podcast. The Moth is a nonprofit storytelling organization and every week they put out a story (sometimes 2) of the best stories told at one of their shows.

The podcast is fabulous. They’re real stories told by people with no notes. A lot of the storytellers are writers, some are comedians, some are just normal, average folk. Most of the stories are funny — I only recently heard my first mournful Moth story.

We almost always have at least one big, lazy breakfast on the weekend and I look forward to my cleaning up ritual in the kitchen afterwards because it includes listening to the Moth podcast stories. If you’ve never heard of it and you love stories, go subscribe to the (free) podcast. Now that I’ve been hooked on their stories for a while, I’m looking forward to checking out The Moth website and finding out what else they do and where.

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