Pulp fiction

I love this BBC article about trashy books. It’s interesting to note that the article claims that people often pretend to have read literary books in order to be more sexually attractive, not to seem more intelligent which implies that intelligence is sexually attractive. Which of course, all of us geeks know.

I am an admitted book snob, but I’m not ashamed to be caught reading erotica in public (I’m a big fan of the Best American Erotica series which has been discontinued as of last year — but it’s actually not trashy as in not worth the paper it’s written on — most of it is actually quite well written). Nor am I too proud to pick some trash fiction at the airport. I like Neal Stephenson, have read several Stephen Kings, and Dan Brown can turn an interesting tale. Sometimes I purposely read something that’s immensely popular but lacking in eloquence just so I can be like the cool kids and stay up on reading trends. And I love graphic novels.

I didn’t recognize any of the books mentioned in the article, but now I’ve got a reading list of trash for my next trip! Oooh! I can read them on my Kindle!

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