Can you guess the author?

I saw this on a mailing list last week and was immediately interested. One page of fiction, you guess the author. I read all the pages first without looking at the available authors in the pulldown menu. I wanted to see what I could glean from just the text.

I didn’t recognize the first couple at all, and after reading a few, I classed the books someplace between literary fiction and trash fiction. My interpretation of literary fiction is something beautifully written, something that makes me think beyond just the book’s narrative — usually about my life, society, culture, happiness, grief, and anything and everything else. Trash fiction is only a good story. The plot moves fast, there’s usually lots of action. It doesn’t resonate and is easily forgotten. I consume it quickly because I want to know what happens, but I don’t think about it, I don’t want to savor it. Literary fiction can move fast too, but even if it does, I don’t read it as fast because I might lollygag in my enjoyment of it, roll the words around in my mouth, taste them, sniff the pages…you know, that kind of lollygag.

Then there are a wide array of books in the middle by authors of varying skill. If you’re lucky they’ll have interesting plots and characters. Maybe you think about them for a little while, maybe you don’t.

It wasn’t until I got to the last page in the list that it clicked for me. I immediately recognized the author and selected from the menu. And when I saw the other authors, I recognized the two above because of their pop culture value, and could guess the rest based on what I thought they might write from what I’ve seen of them in the bookstore. Of the 7 pages, I’d only read one of the books and two of the authors before, but I guessed every one of them right on my first try (go me! :)

There’s another page of authors here. I haven’t done the 2nd quiz yet, but suspect it’s similar to the first.

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