Do I really have to go home?!

It’s been cold here with temperatures ranging from 3°C to -11°C in the tiny town of Stubben, Germany. It’s one of the coldest winters they’ve had in 22 years. And I’m a California girl. It don’t snow in San Francisco, or in Southern California.

It’s been a different vacation because of how ill I handle the cold weather. Normally I’d want to walk around for hours, but here after an hour or so, my toes are frozen and I can’t stay out. Yesterday I was so cold that it made me cranky all day long. So less walking out of doors, but still a wonderful time. And now that I’m finally used to the cold (I didn’t even wear my jacket today!) I have to go home tomorrow. Bleh.

Quick list of things that I love here:

  • Lighting a wood fire in the stove at grandma’s place as soon as we get home
  • They don’t give you bags at the grocery store; you have to buy them. Most people bring a basket or keep one in the car.
  • Snow! I’m an East Coast girl in heart; I miss snow.
  • The tiny fridges (ensures that you only buy what you need and eat fresher foods)
  • The open fields near here and seeing bucks wandering them
  • Chocolates and cookies and liverwurst
  • Brick houses
  • Centuries old buildings surrounding city centers
  • Trains
  • Double beds with two mattresses (it means that each of you get your own blankie and you don’t have to share!)
  • Fresh bread
  • There’s always a (relatively clean) public toilet available everywhere you go. You probably have to pay for it, but there it is!

I do miss freely given tap water at restaurants, not freezing my toes, and slightly less heavier meal options. But I can live without those things. I love Germany. Whenever I’m here I think about living here. It’s too easy to go home and get comfortable and not think about leaving. It’s only when you leave that you realize how wonderful it might be to live somewhere else.

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