First day in Germany

Our first day has been hilarious. Well, first though, let’s start with the not so hilarious story from Sunday where Jess called me to tell me I’d bought Josh’s international ticket in the wong name! In my defense I buy domestic airline tickets for him all the time with his dad’s last name. Somehow, no one bothered to tell me and I didn’t bother to ask about what was on his passport. Hilarity at the airport ensues.

Jess got a lecture from the airline customer service rep at the counter, calls me and tells me I can’t get a refund or exchange the ticket I’ve bought, and it might cost me $7000 to get Josh to Hambug and back and that’s if I’m lucky and can get the flights. I freaked out, started sobbing on the phone with Josh thinking, oh my god…I’m seriously going to have to leave him at the airport!

Almost two hours later, they get it all sorted out, only costs me an extra $250 and they’re on their way to security. Holy fucking shit. That hour of waiting was like the worst hour of my life.

This morning, German boy promptly gets up at 8am to run to his parents house and do errands and get breakfast ready. I didn’t roll out of bed until 2:30pm (he came to the room just before then and I asked him why hadn’t he woken me up?! to which he replied — just rest some more if you want). When I woke up Josh, he said, what?! 2:30?! How’d that happen?

After breakfast, Kiru tells me, I like that reaction — Josh looked outside and said, oh shit! that’s beautiful. Last night Kiru was giving us a tour of the house and there’s a telescope in one of the bedrooms, and someone says, are you spying on the neighbors? He says, no that’s for the pastries. And I’m thinking to myself, what? He’s spying on a bakery?! Turns out he meant pastures! That’s what Josh meant too when he said it was beautiful.

Kiru’s father dropped off the car for us to use. But unfortunately, he parked it in the sloped driveway and didn’t engage the handbrake and left it out of gear (in his defense, it’s not the car he usually drives). When he left, the car had drifted down the driveway and angled into the wall of the garage denting the trunk and ripping a hole in the exterior. Oh shit….happy holidays. Thank god the tires were angled because it would’ve ended up in the pastries if they hadn’t been.

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