Wencke w/her new hat
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I got Wencke (Kiru’s sister) the cute, knit donkey hat above from one of the boutiques in Hayes Valley. Kiru had mentioned she liked funny hats and I saw that hat and thought it was perfect. I thought it might be over the top but he said it wasn’t so I went for it.

His brother wasn’t at Christmas Eve with us and has been in the hospital for some days because of some complications with his diabetes, but we visited him on Christmas day. I guess his blood sugar level got really low earlier that day, and he said when that happens he’s a little woozy and can’t see clearly and he’s out of it. And in walks his sister with the donkey hat and he was confused for a moment. I thought it was hilarious — imagine being all out of it and someone walks in with two heads and one of them’s a knit animal.

Christmas Eve was lovely. His dad looks like an adorable Santa Claus and is very jovial. He kept giving Josh alcohol. Josh got wasted for the first time in his life (much to my chagrin — I had no idea he was drinking so much!) His mother and sister are sweet. His sister is funny. His father has never studied English in his life, but knows a few words and pronounces them perfectly (thanks to the fluent Plattdeutsch of his youth).

Today we went to the wild animal park. Kiru was excited to tell us that they have a very nice restaurant at the zoo that serves wild game. I thought this was hilarious. My sister was a little horrified that they serve animals in the park at the restaurant. They were too full to let us eat though.

It is hella cold here. My feet were frozen all day today. There was frost all over everything this morning. Even with layers and layers and layers on, I can’t manage to stay warm. We’re going to Berlin tomorrow and it’s supposed to be even colder!

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