Spatially challenged

I caught the right tram to go home but somehow it dropped me off somewhere and it wasn’t my stop. It stopped one stop before my exit and jet lag hit me hard today so I was completely zoned out. We stopped at the last stop — I’m sure the conductor made an announcement and I just didn’t understand it. But I remember thinking to myself, gosh, a lot of people are getting off at this stop, then went back to staring out the window. It was 9pm by this point and still light outside and all I wanted was a glass of wine, then bed. The conductor came walking towards me and said something and then I finally woke up out of my daze and looked around and realized he was shooing me off :)

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So then I start walking in the direction of home. Except I clearly have no sense of direction because I went the wrong way and only after a few blocks did I have the sense to look at a map. I’m an extremely slow map reader, but I can usually figure things out.

Today was the first day the weather has been beautiful — it’s been raining and overcast since I arrived on Sunday morning. As I made my way back home, I saw tons of people filling up all the outdoor spaces, eating and drinking. When I got to the hotel just after 9:30pm, my lovely little outdoor courtyard was full of people having dinner. It wasn’t the quiet peaceful retreat it was last night, but still a lovely place for a glass of wine and an email.

The saving grace of being lost in a new place, is that I don’t mind :) No matter how tired I am, it’s still a pleasure to see streets I haven’t seen yet.

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