I spent the day in Luzern and it was a perfect day! A co-worker recommended I go saying it was the most “Swiss” town in Switzerland. I didn’t have a plan — someone told me of a museum I should visit, but couldn’t find it listed so I just wandered around all day. It hailed! It was on and off rainy today with bouts of sunshine breaking through. The first real bit of rain soaked my pants and included hail. It lasted for probably less than half an hour — I should’ve sat in a cafe, but didn’t know how long it’d last so I just kept wandering.

I love churches — yes, the atheist in me hasn’t gotten over my love of churches. So I’m naturally drawn to them when I wander and visited about 4 or 5 today, including walking into two services. I sat in one for about 15 minutes (it was in German) and left at communion (that part I understood). The Fransican church was my favorite — very Gothic inside with the most amazing stained glass I saw all day — the stained glass behind the altar is the most impressive. There is a gate, but they leave the door open so you can walk right up to the altar and gaze at the stained glass. I took a few photos and will post them when I have more time.

I also enjoyed the Lion monument and the Glacier Garden located just behind it. I didn’t know it was there, but it was only 12 francs to get in (about $12 USD) so I did and I spent about two hours there — I only left because they told me they were closing the watch tower which is where I ended up, overlooking the city. They have a ton of information and visulations about the glaciers melting and the pre-historical Luzern (the mediterranean oasis the site of modern day Luzern used to be — before the ice age that is), but they also have this weird hall of mirrors in “Alhambra” style, as well as some historical rooms and furniture.

The train ride there and back was lovely — I wanted to ride back while it was still light outside to view the other side of the country side I missed this morning. It’s green and lovely. I saw some hairy and multicolored goats, and the cutest, crimp-haired, golden brown, adolescent cow. But my favorite sights were the communal gardens — at first I thought they were cute little shanty towns with itty bitty houses. But those houses were garden sheds. A small plot of land mostly evenly divided into rectangles where people grew an assorted of vegetables and flowers — it was lovely — probably about 15-20 plots. I only wish I could’ve gotten to walk around in one.

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