First night in Zurich

Bathroom in room at Romantik Hotel Florhof in ZurichI don’t know why, but I’m completely enchanted with the bathroom — it’s so white and clean and sterile looking:

Unfortunately, I slept right through the middle of Sunday here, but I’d just arrived and gotten into my room after waiting 3 hours in the lobby (I got here pretty early) and I was dead tired. When I dragged myself out of bed, it was 8am my time.

I love new cities. I’m such an urban girl — my first and most favorite thing to do is just walk around, wandering wherever I fancy with no destination in mind. I’m drawn to pretty alleyways, churches, architecturally interesting or historic looking buildings. Sometimes I walk towards the crowd and sometimes away. I was wishing I had my German boy with me today, but I love wandering around by myself too.

I love all the different languages. People here seem to know several and switch easily. My waiter at dinner knew German, English and Italian. The front desk here knows German, French and English. And who knows what other languages they may speak. I’ve heard lots of German and English, some French and Italian, and bits of Chinese and Korean just today in 4 hours of walking around.

I got a little lost coming home, but I never mind being lost in a new place. I wander around and don’t pay attention to where I’m going. I used the two big churches near-ish my hotel as landmarks and finally gave in and used a map as it started to get dark around 9:30pm and I found myself walking through the quaint cobblestone streets essentially in circles :)

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