Ten years of blogging

Well, back then we didn’t call it blogging. I just got my old “blog” back online after a couple of years of absence and I realized that it’s been 10 years since I started blogging. Ten years!

It’s just not the same not having my site around — even if it is only for archival purposes. It’s got journal entries dating back to June 1996, that weird fiction I used to love writing, and my old fascination for fetishes. My older websites are somewhere in my files, but I think 1996, 1995 is probably about as far back as the journal entries go — I used to love bitching about college.

So ten years of online journaling…has anything changed? I don’t think my online writing style has changed much. I swear a lot less than I used to. My interests have varied; my life has changed. But journaling had nothing to do with that, it merely publicized it.

The best thing about blogging for so long has been that it’s a good way for old friends to keep in touch with me. And it keeps me sane.

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