Our killer truck

This’ll be the first non-grief entry since my mother died. I’m hoping there will be more of these after this one.

I was driving a new truck down Skyline Blvd, and I came less than a foot away from hitting a deer. I saw it on the other side of the road and started to slow down not really sure if it was going to bolt or not and if so in which direction. So I’m slowing down and the deer’s sort of going in one direction, then another, then it bolts in front of me. I brake with all my might (the trucked performed excellently), and stopped the car just in time for the deer to run in front of it, practically brushing it’s fur against the grille.

Now, relieved and impressed that I didn’t kill the deer and the truck handled so well, I immediately hit and kill a raccoon. I didn’t see it fast enough to even begin to react. You can’t imagine my horror. I wanted to turn back – I know I probably didn’t want to see it, but I was afraid it might still be alive and need help…I know, stupid. The truck is now known as the death mobile.


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