Cartoons and TV

i was at the gym tonight watching drawn together and it was a spoof of the donald trump reality show (i’ve never seen an episode of either of these shows so i’m sort of guessing). anyway — there was this upskirt shot right up a fat betty boop’s skirt and it was horrendously realistic. labia visible out the sides of her panties, pubic hair coming out the top and i thought, jesus christ — are kids watching this? to be fair there was a disclaimer at the commercial break that said something about it being unrated…mature audiences, etc…

speaking of tv…last night i watched four hours of law and order (well, 3 then a closer). i was over at ed’s — i meant to just do laundry and then go, but those law and orders start right up after one’s ended and it doesn’t even give you time to disengage yourself from the couch. i had to drag myself out at midnight so i could go home and sleep, and i was afraid i’d get mugged in the parking lot of the condo complex he lives in.

then i was afraid to go upstairs into my loft for fear someone was up there. the whole time i was taking a bath, i kept thinking, wow…now would be a really good time to come kill me — i’m naked in the tub without my contacts in. before i went to bed: should i leave my front door unlatched in case the police come and have to break the door down?

random acts of violence aside — it’s love you should worry about. four crime drama episodes and they all involved murder and love. in one, a daughter poisons her mother and puts her in a coma (ok, she doesn’t actually die, but wouldn’t you rather be dead than in a coma?), a mother kills her son (who totally randomly killed people, but he was schizophrenic), in another one an italian mobster’s son kills his father’s beloved mistress, and in the fourth, a nice catholic girl kills her boyfriend when she finds out he’s actually a girl — by mashing her head in, then shooting her in the face, then she cuts off her hair and strips off her clothes.

yup. love is what you want to avoid if you wanna live a long time ;)

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