New bike!

speaking of new apartments, i got a new bike, too! it’s a beauty. gsf400. i don’t have pictures yet, but i’ll show her to you real soon. it was the bike i originally wanted for my first bike, but i couldn’t find a decent one to buy when i was finally ready to do it. i love je oola, but i couldn’t pass up this bike either. 1991 bandit with just over 7000 miles and no damage, never dropped at speed. a cute little high revver just like the ninja. and it’s comfier, too, for someone of my stature.

of course, first thing i do just after i’ve handed over my cash and signed all the paperwork is drop the poor thing as i’m trying to take off to take her home. I was a little horrified (my new bike!) and embarassed (since they were both standing there watching me — nerve racking), but i dropped it so slow that the tank didn’t suffer any damage at all. i broke the ball off the end of the clutch lever (that’s two I have to replace now), and scuffed up some bits, but those are easily replaced bits. denting the gas tank is far harder to recover from :)

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