Log, log, log

i rode right into a log the other night. we decided to go for a night ride down skyline blvd. but i was freezing my ass off not too long into the ride, so i was hunched over hugging my gas tank and watching the road and next thing i know, there’s a stinking log in front of me. i whacked it with my tire and drove on my merry way. the bike was fine and hitting the log didn’t even startle me.

tonight as i was riding home, the back end got all squirrelly on me — squirming around as i was braking — and it didn’t even phase me. which is probably a good thing. it’s got to be better to stay calm and under-react then freak out and over-react, right?

i was walking towards the elevator this morning and a co-worker said i had a nice bike. yeah, i heard it was a good beginner’s bike. Oh, you’re a beginner? yup. Tell me more. And I did — I told him where to take his MSF class and about the bay area riders’ forum.

i love my bike. and i’ve ridden it all summer, but it still happens to be early enough in my riding career that every single time i ride, i love it more and more. riding to work, i zip along the freeway and wish it would never end. and i used to hate the freeway. i used to take surface streets when i could. which i think was good for me and good practice, but now i just want to tear down the freeway and not have to stop. i still ride carefully. i don’t go too fast. my bike can do 80 comfortably, but i haven’t pushed it past that. and let me tell you, the ninja ex250 is an awesome bike. i love it and think it was a more than suitable choice as my first bike. i just need to find warmer gear now that summer is slipping away…


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