Back from Vegas

Las Vegas was awesome. We had a crazy, ill tempered, swearing shuttle driver takes us to San Jose airport. Ed got there at sunrise and was drunk by the time we got to the hotel in the mid-afternoon. The Hotel (part of Mandalay Bay) was nice looking, but dark. Everything was cutely named “The ___” including “the tp” for the toilet paper. And black. The beach at Mandalay Bay with the wave pool is great (except everyone leaves their towel lying around so there are towel mountains every so many feet in the sand). I went to my first strip joint in the states (but left unfortunately early — I, unlike most of the rest of the group, sadly did not smell like strippers in the morning.) I played some Black Jack — not a huge fan of gambling, but I broke even so I did well :) And I got caught trying to steal a fork from House of Blues by the coolest waitress ever.

Restaurants we ate at:

  • Red, White, & Blue (Mandalay Bay): sucked
  • Nine Fine Irishmen (NY, NY) — didn’t eat there, but the food looked awesome. And I love Irish music.
  • House of Blues (Mandalay Bay) — yummy
  • Raffles Cafe (Mandalay Bay) — ok, but wouldn’t go back
  • Pyramid Cafe (Luxor) — yummy breakfast
  • Fiamma (MGM Grand) — pricey, but incredibly yummy

Ghostbar at the Palms (oh my god, the beautiful women at the Palms!!) was interesting. And played decent music (as in music I’ve heard before including Beastie Boys) earlier in the night — pre 2/3am, and the view is amazing. And Club Paradise was the strip club we went to. That was nice — I’d go back, and everyone else enjoyed it way more than I got to.

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