My first bike!

I have a bike! I’ve been looking for a couple of weeks now. I was going to buy a friend’s 400 Bandit, but that guy turned out to be a psycho and I got myself out of that. Then I looked at a beautiful, red Ninja 250 this weekend and that girl turned out to be a lying, greedy little thing so I didn’t get that one either (she posted an ad for $2100 for a 2001 Ninja — very reasonable — and then told me she had someone offer her $400 more for it than she’d posted in the ad. Who the hell would do that? And it had a weird dent she lied about, a gunky chain and jerked when it started — last two things pointed out to me by Ed, my motorcycle buying consultant :)

But the one I ended up buying tonight is practically brand new. A 2001 Kawasaki green Ninja 250. Ed took a couple of pictures, but they’re dark. The pictures John sent me are nicer. The seller and his wife were so incredibly nice and friendly. The transaction went so smoothly and professionally. And he’s taken amazing care of the bike — it literally looks brand new: no scratches, less than 1300 miles, broken in gently, oil changed a couple of times, everything is clean and spotless. I was a little jaded after that experience with the woman who wanted to start a bidding war this weekend, but gosh this was nice and easy.

I zipped around the parking lot at Google when we got it back. I haven’t ridden a motorcycle since I took my safety course. Ed says that was four years ago, but I think it might only be three. But anyway, a little coaching and I was doing circles in the lot. Tomorrow I’ll get her insured. Awww…I LOVE my new bike!


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